The files on this page are from some of the projects Pete's been involved with over the years. Where relevant, there are details of the CDs that the excerpts are taken from. Most are still available and links to websites are included.

Pete reserves all rights of usage to unreleased recordings herein... As and when they become commercially available he'll update the details.

Maryan Maryan Theo Travis' Double Talk Transgression (CD 2015) Theo Travis - flute, Mike Outram - guitar, Nic France - drums, PW - organ

Subconscious Lee Subconscious Lee Nigel Price Organ Trio plus Alex Garnett Heads and Tales (CD 2012) Nigel (gtr), Matt Home (drums) Alex Garnett (sax) and PW on Hammond.

Mozambique Mozambique Nigel Price Organ Trio Live! (CD 2010). Nigel Price (gtr) , Matt Home (drums) and PW on Hammond.

Jukebox Jukebox Composed by PW. From the 2012 CD The Fox by The Filthy Six (Acid Jazz label). Nick Etwell (tpt), Mark Brown (sax), Nigel Price (gtr), Dan Drury (bass),Simon Lea (drums) and PW on Hammond.

Remember and Celebrate Remember and Celebrate Composed by PW. As yet unreleased. Alex Garnett- tenor sax, Mike Outram-guitar, Matt Home- drums, and PW on Hammond.

Come Sunday Come Sunday (Same session and personnel as above.)

Go Down Moses Go Down Moses (Same band and personnel as above.)

Sandu Sandu Nigel Price Organ Trio. Live recording (unreleased). Nigel on guitar, Graham Fox on drums, PW on Hammond. Recorded at The Eagle, Rochester.

Look For The Silver Lining Look For The Silver Lining Taken from CD Nigel Price- Fools Gold. Nigel Price- guitar, Matt Home- drums, PW- organ.

Portobello 67 Portobello 67 Taken from CD Theo Travis - Double Talk. Theo - saxes, Mike Outram- guitar, Roy Dodds-drums, PW- Hammond.

People Power People Power Taken from CD Carl Orr - Deep Down. Carl Orr- guitar, Butch Thomas- soprano sax, Christian Brewer- alto sax, Nick France- drums, PW- Hammond.

The Jackdaw The Jackdaw Composed by PW. Taken from CD Roots by Grooveyard. Gareth Lockrane-flute, Alex Garnett- sax, Mike Outram -guitar, Matt Home-drums, PW-Hammond. Maybe hard to obtain, but try asking Gareth here.

Slow Burner Slow Burner Taken from CD Put the Cat Out by Grooveyard. Gareth Lockrane- flute, Alex Garnett- sax, Mike Outram Guitar, Tom Gordon-drums. PW- Hammond. Available to buy here.