Some links to current projects I'm involved with:

The Filthy Six (Boogaloos for 21st Century)
Theo Travis (Saxes/Flute)
Zoe Schwarz' Blue Commotion
Jazzelation (vocal-led gospel-tinged soul)
John Etheridge (Guitar)

And other musicians/friends/colleagues etc:

Kate Williams (Piano)
Julian Siegel (Saxophones)
Mike Outram (Guitar)
Allison Neale (Alto Sax & Flute)
Jonny Boston (Sax & Clarinet)
Matt Home (Drums)
Tony Kofi (Saxophones)
Carl Orr (Guitar)
Gareth Lockrane (Flutes)
Phil Robson (Guitar)
Nigel Price (Guitar)
Juliet Kelly (Vocals)

Some jazz organists (in no particular order)....
Larry Goldings
Tony Monaco
Dr. Lonnie Smith
Mike Gorman
Jan Korinek
Sam Gambarini
Mike Carr
Joey De Francesco
Bill Mudge
John-Paul Gard
Julian Maeso
Pierre Swärd

Excellent UK-based Jazz Blog....